Barramundi are a highly opportunistic species that dominate many tropical rivers. Delicious and thrilling to catch, they also live in both freshwater and saltwater, change sex and eat just about anything. Barramundi support substantial commercial, recreational and customary fisheries, as well as an aquaculture industry Australia wide. 

Barramundi are opportunistic predators and eat just about anything that lives in the water. This includes insects, spiders, prawns, fish, other barramundi and even crocodiles! In fact, a barramundi can consume up to 60 per cent of its own length. The size of prey is largely determined by the size of the barramundi. The diet of larger barramundi consists of 60 per cent fish and 40 per cent crustaceans, while smaller barramundi eat mostly small prawns.

As water temperatures cool during the dry seasons (May to August), barramundi become less active and eat less frequently. During the build-up to the wet season, water temperatures can be up to 10°C higher than during the dry season, and barramundi activity increases.



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