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Cherie Forbes @ BWCflies

Growing up on the Central Coast of NSW, I was introduced to fishing at a young age. My mother would take my brother and I camping and fishing whenever we had holidays.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I was introduced to lure and soft plastics fishing. This changed how I viewed my fishing outings. After every session I was left wanting more. I became obsessed. It meant spending quality time with my partner and time on the water.

In late 2013 my partner Brett began tying flies commercially and we created our own business called BWC Flies . This meant that flies needed to be tested on our local species. We regularly took time out to head to the local waterways and test new fly patterns and colours. It didn’t take long before I knew I needed to learn the art of fly casting. I wanted to be apart of this world that my partner had entered into. He introduced me to John at Sydney Fly Outfitters and from here on in I knew I was up for the challenge.

I started on the banks of the local river casting bread flies to Mullet and then quickly progressed to casting at Bass from my kayak. I realised I just needed to hone in on the skills I had learnt lure fishing and convert them into fly fishing. I still remember the feeling of catching my first fish on fly. Everyone was so encouraging and offered so much advice. It seems to me that the fly community is so open to sharing there knowledge and helping others succeed.
I have had such a wonderful time learning to fly fish. It has taken me to some beautiful locations and I have met some amazing people.

I’m very excited about my future on the fly.

Cherie Forbes