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Pass Me the Salt fly box review

Vision Flyfishings’ ever popular fly box range has just been expanded for the 2017/18 season with a funky new release into the Aqua range.  The Pass Me the Salt fly box has landed in Oz and is here to stay.

Every fly angler wants to own a cool fly box to house their precious army of fluffy soldiers, often lined up and somewhat organised in preparation for their next piscatorial encounter.

Don’t let the name fool you, the PMTS box sizing will cover you for most situations. My fly fishing predominately takes me from estuary flats with a day pack, kayaking in the sweet water for our natives through to light pelagic work in the salt. The sizing is ideal for a multitude of applications, they are easy to handle, they fit perfectly into my day pack, take up virtually no space in my yak and I can easily store a couple in the boat for a full day on the water. So far, I am running four of these boxes, 1 is for crabs / estuary poppers, 1 for shrimps, 1 is loaded with candy/baitfish profiles and the last is for my go to Bass patterns. At any time, my flies are ready to grab and go. I would rather be spending more time on the water than mucking around picking out flies for the next session.

The specs.

230mm long x 175mm wide x 53mm deep with a polymer waterproof seal around the inside of the lid.

EVA foam sheets line the base and underside of the lid where 140 slots are contained within, the foam is dense and will hold a great range of hook sizes. There is more than enough space to line up your fly selection for the next adventure.

A single oversized Nylon latch on the front keeps the box secure; your flies are stored nice and dry whilst a piano styled hinge is featured across the rear of the box for ease of opening and closing. A hole is located on each side of the latch, allowing you to ‘lock’ up your flies.

The box is manufactured from a durable polypropylene copolymer, to date I have found the finish to be excellent with scratch resistant qualities. The colour of the box is easy on the eye, tropical blue if you like, that puts you right in the mood to strip set your next trophy.

What I really like about the Pass Me the Salt box is the simplicity in design, yet so effective in function.

At sub $50 AUD, the Pass Me the Salt box represents great value for your hard earned coin.

Take a serious look at the Pass Me the Salt fly box, you won’t be disappointed.

The Aqua range of fly boxes is available  right here at


Brett Clarke


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