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Disco Shrimp Viii

$15.99 .

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The introduction of the Viii Disco Shrimp provides a new colour update for Spring 2019;  with a slightly larger Disc for pushing a bit more water along with a Hot coloured disc featured to draw more attention to the fly. Fresh materials from leading brands allows for improvements to this fly as is represented here in both colour options.

The Disco Shrimp is a great fly for the surface junkies to target species like Estuary Perch, Whiting and Bream.

My preferred size for targeting Bream and Whiting is tied on the size 6 Ahrex Shrimp hook.

The fly features a Hot coloured sequin at the eye of the hook which creates a water spraying ‘bloop’ on the strip.


100% Australian tied flies.

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Red Eyed Tan, Wild Olive