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Easy Shrimp Eyes – Super Fluorescent

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Easy Shrimp Eyes – Super Fluorescent is the latest addition to an amazing supplement to your fly tying.

The unique shape which makes them incredibly easy to tie in, and the same high quality standard is obviously preserved.

The only, change is the new colour of the eyes, and their super fluorescent effect.

Fluorescent eyes may, in certain situations, be just the right cocktail to get the fish to eat the fly.

Easy Shrimp Eyes contain 10 pairs of eyes per package.

They are designed to make fly tying of shrimp eyes as easy as possible for you.

Most tiers have experienced that the eyes can be tricky to get to sit properly on their shrimp flies. Either one eye goes a little more out or up than the other, or maybe you will experience that the eyes is out of shape when the fly is completed.

Easy Shrimp Eyes will always be exactly the same length, and you can forget about spending a long time to get your eyes to sit perfectly.

When the eyes are tied to the hook, it is very important that they sit firmly, your flies will catch more than one fish so you want the eyes to maintain their position.

Many tiers often varnish or even glue their eyes on the hook for the best durability, but with the grooves on the surface of the eyes, just make sure to tie the eyes tight, they will now sit firmly.




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Fluorescent Azur Blue, Fluorescent Kryptonite Green, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent White, Fluorescent Yellow, Glow in the Dark, Transparent


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