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Flymen Chocklett’s Articulated MICRO Spine STARTER PACK

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The three individual shanks in the system can be purchased in individual size packs (25 shanks per pack), but the best way to get started is to buy the Starter Pack which combines all 3 size packs at a discounted price.

3 packs x 25 shanks = 75 shanks are contained in the MICRO SPINE STARTER PACK

The system is comprised of 3 different shanks (8mm, 6mm and a 6mm long Tail Shank) which can be connected (“daisy chained”) in a limitless number of different combinations to create virtually any highly articulated, small fly you desire.

The sky is the limit for realistically imitating insects, small baitfish, crustaceans, and other aquatic critters with never-before-possible lifelike movement.

The new triangular back-loop design reduces the gap between segments and makes it easier to fit in your fly tying vise jaws.


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