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Gulff UV Resin PINK ATTACK 15ml bottle

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A new innovative UV Resin concept for versatile fly tying.

The only producer in the market of the new rechargeable UV 365nm (nanometer) light with a specified wavelength to dry the resin immediately.

Offers coloured, quality resins for both Saltwater and Freshwater  fly tying usage.

Colour palette from clear to natural tones to hot spots.

Bottle size: 15ml

Design, create and pimp fantastic flies by using wide range of GULFF UV resin products. All the products are high-quality and guaranteed to be tack-free. Resins and UV flashlights are especially designed for fly tying by strictly following the requirements of UV resin professionals. For example, Gulff is one of the only manufacturers offering very effective 365nm UV flashlights tailored for fly-tying. Clear and coloured Gulff resin products can be used for realistic flies, strike points, predator streamers, worms, dark details, fly body building and clear finishing – anything.


GULFF UV resins are top-quality resin products that have been tested by renowned fly tiers. The resin concept, with the advantages it provides, represents the best of the industry. Due to the high-quality GULFF resin product, the resins cure quickly, and there are almost no unwanted smells produced during curing. You can choose from several different resin products to create a range of impressive flies.

CLASSIC for general nymph bonding , heads and backs of shrimp type patterns
FATMAN BUILDER for predator flies, fly body and head building

FLEXXMAN for a durable , flexible finish to your flies.

AMBER for realistic flies
NATURAL NYMPH GREEN for realistic flies
NATURAL NYMPH BROWN for realistic flies
PINK ATTACK for rainbow trout flies, strike points and attractive bodies
RED ALERT for worms and strike points
SHRIMP for realistic shrimp flies
GLOWING GREEN for in the dark glowing nymphs, heads, bodies and strike points
BLACK MAGIC for heads, bodies and backs



The resin should be cured by taking a UV flashlight and holding it at a distance of 1-2 cm from the surface of the resin, evenly directing the light towards each side of this surface. With a powerful light, colourless GULFF UV resins will cure in a matter of seconds. We recommend using the GULFF UV flashlight. After curing, allow the surface of the resin to cool for about 5 seconds, without touching it. If the resin surface has been cured properly, it will be either shiny or matte, depending on the choice of resin, but it will always be free of stickiness. However, if the surface of the resin remains sticky for a long period of time after being exposed to the light, ensure that the flashlight’s batteries are at full power, that the flashlight was at a distance of about 1 cm from the resin, and that the fly does not contain any oily materials.

Note that coloured resins take longer to cure than clear ones.

Also, remember to change / charge your flashlight’s batteries appropriately often: even a small decrease in battery power will reduce the effectiveness of curing.


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