Sip n Tie Woolly Bugger Fly Tying Kit


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Sip n Tie Woolly Bugger Fly Tying Kit

Here is a collection of materials that you can use to tie along with Simon Ellis from Rivulet Flyfishing as he discusses this classic fly pattern as he coaches you through a step by step tying process.

The kit contains portions and full packs of the materials to allow you to tie up 6 in the Gold / Brown colourway. The breakdown below indicates what is included in the tying pack.


In this kit , you will receive the following materials to be able to tie along during the Sip n Tie Zoom meeting on Thursday 16th September.  

6 x Ahrex FW580 size 6 hooks

6 x  brass beads in fl orange

1 x full packet of Wapsi Marabou

1 x full spool of Copper Wire

1 x full spool of Semperfli Classic thread 6/0 size

1 x portion of Gold Krystal flash

1 x portion of Hends Angel Hair in Gold

1 x portion of Hareline Grizzly Saddle feathers in Brown with a mixture of sizes.


And some extras

1 x Semperfli Coaster

1 x Sip n Tie Coaster

1 x Sip n Tie sticker

1 x BWC sticker



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