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Cherie’s Bass Popper Fly Tying Kit

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With the materials contained in this kit , you will have the right selection of materials, thread and hooks that will enable you to be able to self tie a Surface Popper flies to target Bream, Bass and Estuary Perch in your local systems.

In the kit, you will receive enough material to tie up 6 poppers

6 x Ahrex NS122 hooks size 6

3 x Rainys Mini Me Pops in Black

3 x Rainys Mini me Pops in Purple

6 x Grizzly Purple Saddle Hackles

1 x 210D Flymaster Thread Purple

1 x clump of Arctic Fox Black

1 x set of Chicones Barred Purple Clear legs

1 x Cherie’s Bass Popper tied by myself , so you can understand the positioning and amount of materials used to build this fly.


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