Since 1980, we’ve done just that by reimagining what’s possible. We used our hands to craft groundbreaking gear that’s built to fish harder and go farther.
And as fishing has advanced, so too have we, into a state-of-the-art design and manufacturing hub, where innovators converge in Bozeman, Montana to form a diverse, creative family.
These creators see the world differently, through a lens of mud-flecked windshields, salt-mottled glasses, tent doors opened to wild, illuminating expanses. Those views solidify our commitment to evolve and solve for the sake of doing what we love.
Simms is where premier product executions align with our compassion for others. We prioritize people, our business partners, and a fishing culture that hinges on robust fisheries. These elements are all interconnected.
And as we grow, it’s vital that we stay connected and give back. So we show up, we challenge the status quo, we push for positive impact, and we hold ourselves accountable to higher standards.
It’s a chosen path towards a simple conclusion: a life well fished. Which for us, means gear designed well.
And lives lived well.

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